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All my life I had a strong love for creating sculptures, furniture and objects. In 2002 I started sculpting in stone. Not much later I won the “Zilveren Kei” Audience Award, an art prize for young talent.

Stimulated by many assignments and favorable reviews of my work, I decided to stop at my employer in January 2020 to fully focus on my great passion for sculpting.
I currently work in bronze and stone and combinations of these materials. My images vary from harmonic abstract to layered figurative. They can all be characterized as a surprising representation of my life.

Besides making free work, I love to make a fully personalized sculpture on commission for a special occasion or location. I take my clients along the process in which I translate my own style and design into a unique sculpture / design object. Absolute balance, movement and energy are my main starting points.

"happy with our beautiful sculpture"
Makker Family
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It was nice to be so involved in the creative process and we are very happy with our beautiful sculpture.
"joy every day in the heart of our home"
Siobhan M.
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Ramon is a wonderfully emphatic artistic partner who interpreted our needs with sensitive creativity, producing a beautiful and meaningful work which gives us joy every day in the heart of our home.
"reminds us to be thankful for what we have together"
Jeff and Sabine
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His way of working makes it a really fun and memorable experience, rather than a mere commission, and on top of that, the sculpture turned out beautifully and is a real keepsake for our family that reminds us to be thankful of what we have together! Thank you, Ramon!

artwork looking for new owner

Liz Taylor
Year: 2021 | Size: 25 x 25 x 12 cm
Year: 2021 | Size: 15 x 20 x 10 cm
Spear Fischer
Year: 2021 | Size: 25 cm body, 15 cm spear from hand to tip. 30 cm high, 12 cm wide
Liberation (SOLD)
Year: 2021| Size: 45 cm high, 65 cm wide
Dancing Female In A Marble Blanket
Year: 2020| Size: 45 cm high, 12 / 33 cm wide
Black abstract (SOLD)
Year: 2007| Size: 80 x 25 x 25 cm
Christine (SOLD)
Year: 2011| Size: 50 cm long, 15 cm/ 15 cm wide
Female Torso Carrara Marble (SOLD)
Year: 2010| Size: 23 cm high, 12 / 8 cm wide
Family Abstract Carrara Marble (SOLD)
Year: 2010| Size: 50 cm high, 20 / 30 cm wide
Hold On (SOLD)
Year: 2010| Size: 45 cm high, 12 / 33 cm wide
Title: Living Apart Together (SOLD)
Year: 2010| Size: 45 cm long, 25 cm high, 15 cm wide
Lemniscate (SOLD)
Year: 2010| Size: 75 cm high, 40 / 80 cm wide
Pragnent Marble Torso (SOLD)
Year: 2010| Size: 25 cm high, 10 / 15 cm wide
Spring (SOLD)
Year: 2010| Size: 30 cm high, 15 / 10 cm wide
Family Abstract (SOLD)
Year: 2006| Size: 40 x 20 x 20 cm
Female Dancer
Year: 2020 | Size: 40 x 10 x 20 cm  
Female Bronze Torso Anthracite
Year: 2020 | Size: 40 x 20 x 20 cm
Female Bronze Torso Gold
Year: 2020 | Size: 40 x 40 x 20 cm
Red Abstract
Year: 2008 | Size: 40 x 20 x 15 cm
Year: 2011 | Size: 20 x 11 x 8 cm
Bird At Rest
Year: 2006 | Size: 20 x 15 x 5 cm

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